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The company was built and continues to be based on customer relations. We’re here to help realize our client’s dream and vision – a process that includes listening well and working as a team throughout the process. We aim to make the building process an enjoyable one, and as a client you can have as much, or as little, involvement as you wish. Either way, it’s an adventure that results in a wonderful new residence.

Homes in the Sky

High-rise living is a desirable choice for many busy city dwellers, but sensitivity is needed when working in buildings with multiple owners.

Penthouses, full floor renovations, the amalgamation of two or more smaller units, all require extensive knowledge of tower construction. Consideration for neighbours, respectful work hours, strata council instructions and support, parking options, debris removal, logistics, elevator parameters and service support, crane service… these projects can be the most demanding.

We have extensive experience in all of these areas and know how to work with minimal disruption to your neighbours. If tower living is your heart’s desire, then we definitely have the experience and know-how to work with you.


Custom Homes

A G Wilson Construction home is a custom project, uniquely yours – designed and undertaken with your individual requirements in mind. Your architect and designer works with our team specially selected for your project – a project manager, site supervisor, carpenters, tradesmen, foremen, labourers and more.

A focused team strategy – each project is given detailed attention that includes sensitivity to place and space, quality, and a means to meet the schedule and budget through consultation and communication. Each home requires expertise in materials procurement, and a focus on architectural design and finishing requirements that meet, or exceed, client expectations.


An estate infers size, longevity and investment beyond what many clients envision, while some are planning for future generations and legacy considerations. These residences may include such things as galleries for art collections, wine cellars, two or more kitchens for individual tastes and entertaining, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, racket courts, art studios, garages that house a collection of vehicles, staff quarters and more.

Generally the grounds of an estate include extensive gardens, walkways, water features, placements for sculptures, and other design features. System specifications for residences of this nature are often similar to that of a commercial building, and special functional considerations need to be carefully planned – livability, ease of access and use, comfort, privacy and security are paramount.


Renovations demand the same focus, care and planning as new custom home projects. The very nature of working with an older home can actually require greater attention in all areas. Your architect will be conscious of engineering requirements, system changes and product selection as renewing an existing structure requires meticulous specification and experience. Large and small, the team at G Wilson Construction have renovated, restored and transformed some of the finest homes in British Columbia.


There are many perspectives to landscaping. Our experience encompasses everything from simple garden places to complex multi-million dollar estate parks.

For some landscaping can be as simple as a beautiful lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass. For others, landscape design is as important and complex as the design of the home. Elaborate electrical and lighting systems, security to keep out the peskiest of raccoons, mechanical systems for everything from heated walkways and drives to beautiful water features – pools, ponds and elaborate fountains.

Beautiful stone clad walls and walkways that in some cases surpass the interior finishes; intricately built pavilions and North America sourced mature plant materials provide the home owner with instantly established gardens, mature trees massaged into place, a garden or parkland with a look of grandness to compliment the home.

Our experience with landscaping is extensive. The homes we build often include considerable investment in the grounds of the property. Developing these special retreats is as important as building your home. If a lovely garden is part of your dream, be sure to discuss it with us at the time of planning. We can recommend a number of landscape design firms for you to interview.

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