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Blair Wilson, President

Blair is an exceptional leader. He loves the business and is himself a highly skilled tradesman. His extensive experience, enthusiasm and drive give his clients confidence and tremendous support. His focus is always on the clients and their investment in us – he expects the best from the entire team.

Our fine craftspeople, some have been with us for more than 35 years, and some are the sons of sons trained by their elders passing on their skill and dedication to their craft. All focus on excellence and client satisfaction. For each build we dedicate project managers who are skilled in the business of fine home construction and focus on client needs, project budgets and timely completion. Our project managers and craftspeople are employed directly by G Wilson Construction.

We contract teams of independent sub-trades who have worked with us for many years. They are familiar with the complexity of our projects and are among the finest tradesmen our region has to offer.

The legacy lives on.

G Wilson Construction continues to build on the tradition of the artisan. Our homes are built by the hands of qualified trades-people whose skills are honed through generations of experience. We pride ourselves in employing the finest craftsmen in their fields. We work hard as a team and a tremendous sense of pride exists amongst our employees.

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