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We encourage our clients to visit the site – it’s exciting to see your vision take form – and can be one of the most significant experiences in your life. A critical part of your responsibility in this process is making decisions. We’ll give you plenty of time to finalize selections of flooring, stonework, siding, colours, appliances, cabinets and more. To ensure we stick to your budget and timeline, your timely participation is essential and will make a significant difference to the overall project.

The Process

You have worked with your architect, have pictures in your mind of what your home will look like and have determined your planning budget. But, do you know how your build will progress from digging that first hole to framing the walls, to roof on and windows in? Do you wonder about the process after the initial structure is complete?

There are many phases to building a new home or home renovation. This is where the collaboration between you and your team begins. G Wilson Construction will provide a schedule and will walk you through the steps of your project, and we’ll schedule regular meetings to keep you in the know.

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