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Have you been collecting photos of things you’ve seen and loved; can you point out a home that has the look and feel you want; can you articulate your perfect kitchen, or picture perfect ensuite spa? Are you a modernist or more traditional? Don’t worry if you can’t figure out where to begin. We will get you started.

It starts with a dream

Homeowners often neglect to include their builder from the start. Once the first layouts are complete, including your builder in the broad discussion with your architect and designer will ensure important construction details are considered. Costs should be discussed generally so you can become savvy to what is, or is not, reasonable for your plans and budget. The start of construction may be a year away, but getting everyone in line is in your best interest.

Haven’t selected an architect or designer? We can help. We can suggest a selection of architects and designers that you can meet. These people are a vital part of reaching your desired outcome. The person hired by your friend may not be the one for you? Be discerning and give careful consideration to these new relationships.

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