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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started? What are the next steps?
If you’re ready to start your project or have a few questions before you start the process, give us a call at 604.873.8013, or email us at and we’ll arrange a meeting

Does G Wilson Construction offer design services?
For some projects we can offer design services such as conceptual space planning, minor permit applications, interior/exterior detailing and millwork design to name a few. For larger projects we would be happy to recommend registered architects and designers with whom you can discuss your project.

Does G Wilson Construction offer home maintenance services?
Yes we do. We take pride in the long-term maintenance of the houses we build. We are capable of determining your maintenance needs, coordinating sub-trades and putting together a sensible package of services that can offer you simplicity and peace-of-mind, particularly if you are frequently out-of-town or a non-resident.

How long has G Wilson Construction been around?
G Wilson Construction Co Ltd was established in 1980. Our focus on, and reputation for, quality custom construction allows us the privilege and pleasure to build some of the very best and finest homes and estates in British Columbia.

How much will it cost?
Of course, the answer is always… it depends on what you are looking for. With custom projects, however, you are in control. We can work with you to ensure the scope, specifications and finishes suit your budget and that the highest quality and value is achieved.

How long will it take?
G Wilson Construction takes particular pride in delivering projects on time. It’s important to plan the details and specifications in a timely manner and adhere to a schedule – it is just as important to the budget as to the completion date. We will get your project completed in the mutually agreed upon time frame, working together to ensure each step of the way is accomplished as planned.

What do you think is most important: to hire a good architect or a good contractor?
Both, if you want a good team to help you realize your vision. Remember – a good contractor can improve imperfect architecture – a mediocre contractor can destroy great architecture.

I’m an owner. How do I select a good contractor?
It is said that a contractor is only as good as the best work they have done. That means that a contractor should have successfully completed several projects of the same size, scope and cost as the one that you’re considering. That’s the first question you should ask when interviewing contractors. True custom home building is a small niche market within the industry. It requires specific skills that differ from those in other areas such as commercial, build for spec or multi-family building. Ensure the contractor that works on your home has done this work before, preferably many times.

What other factors should be considered when choosing a contractor?
You will be spending a lot of time with the people in this company; you will get to know each other very well. Choose a company that feels like a good fit for you, and most importantly, someone you are confident you can communicate with. Don’t be shy; no question is a bad question.

Does G Wilson Construction directly employ its workers?
Yes, all G Wilson Construction carpenters and labourers who come to your home are directly employed by the company with full training and benefits. We have extensive experience as a custom homebuilder and firmly believe in keeping talent in-house. We do not employ electricians, plumbers and other sub-trades as they are not part of the core service, however, we have solid, established working relationships with many of the best trades-people in the region and we are well equipped to review and assess their proposals and work.

What is your geographic work area?
We do the majority of our work in the greater Vancouver area with most projects on Vancouver’s west side and north shore; however you will see our signs in Whistler and on the Gulf Islands.

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